Ancient Wisdom for Modern Parenting

Begin with Babies

Typically we connect to and welcome baby by preparing externally. We read books, attend to our prenatal care, view sonograms, take hospital childbirth classes, choose nursery colors and theme, attend baby showers, and receive gifts along with solicited and unsolicited advice. Yet, there is another aspect to pregnancy, birth and parenting that is often times forgotten … the connection to and partnership with baby.

Baby Connector provides education and support for …

easing pregnancy, labor and delivery for baby & parent
aligning and partnering with baby’s innate wisdom
discovering baby’s unique language of the soul
building trust in pregnancy, childbirth, childhood and parenting processes
deeply bonding the child-parent relationship and journeys

Kreed, a certified Adoula, Pre-Birth Bonding Educator, Baby Soul Intuitive and doula (birth & postpartum). Her approach is holistic and with focus on deeply connecting baby and family before birth.  She honors the unique conception, pregnancy, birth and parenting journeys and utilizes a variety of simple yet profound practices and techniques along with baby’s & family’s personal choices for creating life & family.

Baby Connector invites you to:

Create Connection
Build Trust
Reduce Fear & Trauma
Ease Transitions
Bond Deeply
Parent Peacefully


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